YouTube downloader for Android

Simple, yet powerful

YT3 Music Downloader has a simple and plain interface, and downloads start just in a few seconds!

Flat Design

You will not get lost in the application.


You will definitely find what you search.

Lyrics Support

Lyrics will be shown as you listen to the music.


Downloading mp3 could never be easier.


You like to watch music video? Here you go.

High Quality

You can download low quality or high quality videos, as you wish.

What is YT3 Music Downloader ?

YT3 Music Downloader is an android application which lets you download any music with lightning speed.

It searches the web and shows you the most related results. You just need to tap on download button :)

  • I had been looking for this app for a long time!

  • Definitely a very different music application with the lyrics.

  • Finally an application does what it offers, and does well.

  • Great app, I advise you to install if you have an android device :)

  • This is really simple and works 100%

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